Running Suggestions

North Star XC
Running Suggestions 2017
  • Results will come from consistency and determination--commit to run on your own on Saturdays and any day we don't have practices or meets, 30-45 minutes at a comfortable pace.
  • Remember to focus on your form--always, always, always! (We will review form basics during our practices.)
  • Make sure to drink and eat something within 30 minutes of a run (preferably carbs with a little protein--chocolate milk is a great choice, or toast with PB, etc.)
  • Eat similar foods before a run--but make sure to give your stomach at least an hour to digest--it's easy to get sick to your stomach during workouts, especially when it is hot outside!
  • We do abs and planks every day during our warm up to strengthen our core.  If you miss a practice, please do this on your own.  The stronger your core is, the stronger you feel and can avoid injuries.
  • Avoid injury by stretching and rolling out your muscles (especially after meets!) with a foam roller.
  • Make goals! We will be doing a time trial of 2 miles during the first week. When the meets start you will be running a 2-mile race twice a week. Try to get faster each time.
  • Success doesn't come from workouts alone, often what separates those who reach their goals and those who don't is what happens BETWEEN workouts: getting enough sleep every night, rolling your muscles, and eating right (you can start by avoiding energy drinks, soda, and sugar)
  • As we start running, it is normal to feel some muscle soreness. But if you feel pain that doesn't go away as you warm up, STOP and wait a few days before you run again. Especially watch for pain in one leg that is on that side only (like one of your calves hurting, but not both).